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What We Do

What clients say about us

“We were deeply impressed by how Access Philanthropy took the time to understand our organization and unique programs. They then quickly and competently helped us develop a strategic plan based on our needs and resources.”

—Randy Treichel, Enterprise Director at Youth Express
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What We Do



A big part of our discovery phase is not only working to better understand your organization, but to conduct qualitative research to discover how you are perceived in the philanthropic community. This goes a long way in helping to determine how to put your best foot forward.



Need help finding the right funders? You can either subscribe to one of our many funder databases or we can do the work for you. We’ll provide a targeted list of funding prospects with contacts and contact strategies, deadlines, grant range, and recommended approach.



Let us help determine the best ways to talk about your organization, your programs, and the return on investment you deliver to funders and donors. We will help simply and powerfully articulate what you do, why it is important, and why it deserves support… now.



Whether it’s strategic planning, development planning, campaign planning, or just a desire for a nudge in the right direction, we’ll help you figure out what you want to do, where you want to go, and how to make sure you get there.



Do you have more work than you can handle, but not enough to justify a new hire? (Or just need an extra set of hands?) Let us help you put your plans into action with our powerful grant-writing, marketing collateral development, event planning/management, ongoing prospecting, or whatever else you need for fundraising success.