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Soul of Money

April 24, 2012

Have you ever thought about what your donating and spending habits say about the inner workings of your soul? What about the connection that your donations have to your personal values? How can you examine your relationship with money and the way you spend it? These questions may or may not be ones that you ask yourself when it comes to your personal philanthropy, however searching for these answers deep in your psyche can result in surprising realizations. What do your hopes, dreams and expectations surrounding your relationship with money really mean? A forerunner in this exploration is Lynne Twist, the founder of The Soul of Money Institute. The mission of the institute, created in 2003, is to encourage conversations about money and provide educational programs to inspire people to become more aware of where they spend their money. The workshops, books, consulting and fundraising philosophy aim to foster a change from consumer driven lifestyles to sustainable lifestyles, all the while transforming relationships with money to benefit individuals and the greater good. With a long history of fundraising for large foundations and small community organizations all over the world Lynne wrote the book The Soul of Money in 2003 and has since focused on promoting this idea of connecting the way you spend your money to your spiritual core. Check it out!