Sample Reports

After getting acquainted with you and better understanding your history with institutional funding, we use a number of resources and databases, plus our ongoing communications with funders and our own database of more than 3,300 institutional funders, to find and provide you with a prospect analysis report that includes 25-30 funders that appear to be a very good fit for your organization.

In addition to identifying new sources for philanthropic funds, we will revisit with you the institutions that have funded you in the past, as well as review the giving levels of current funders to see if they could be increased and/or what would be reasonable to expect from these funders.

We will prepare a detailed profile of each funder that includes:

• Contact information
• Recommended contact strategies
• Their focus areas or areas of interest
• Deadlines and requirements
• Their historical grant range
• A recommended “ask” amount

Alternatively, we can focus in on fewer funders (the top 12-15, for example) and work with you to develop specific strategies that you may use in approaching these top prospects, including ideas and recommendations around how to customize your message to each funder in ways that are most likely to resonate with each individual prospect identified based on what we know about them. We will also make recommendations on when and how to connect with these prospective funders to begin building a relationship.

Let us help you focus on the funders that offer you the most potential.


Samples of our profiles: