Workshop looks into fastest-growing segment of institutional philanthropy

Our annual Small Family Foundations Workshop drew 130 nonprofit professionals to the virtual live/online event in early April. Access Philanthropy, again, partnered with MN Council of Nonprofits to talk about foundations that give less than $1M annually. AP President Steve Paprocki featured the profiles of 40+ small family foundations, talking about what these foundations are funding, what they want from nonprofits,  and how to approach them. He was joined by Marc Belton, a former executive with General Mills, to talk about his family's foundation, and Peg Thomas, manager of theRead more

3.21 Fluff Free News Digest

Good March to you and yours! We’ve had a couple of really warm days already so far, so we, the overly optimistic Minnesotans are ready to put away shovels and bring out lawn furniture. One of our AP team drove up to Duluth in shirtsleeves. But you know what happens when the snow goddesses, gods and non-binary deities see the snow shovels in storage! But, but, but… on the other hand grantseeking optimism needs to remain strong to justify the work you do on proposals, budgets, applications, and letters ofRead more

2.21 Fluff Free News Digest

Headline: Corporate and Education Reform Funding Trends, Time for Big Funder Changes, SFF Info We Are NOT on Mute! FLUFF-FREE FUNDRAISING February 12, 2021 “YOU’RE ON MUTE” We love year-end lists: richest people, biggest donors, and the most popular words and phrases of the past year. Evidently, one of the top five new expressions from 2020 was “You’re on mute,” which touches on the big shift to new communications technology (aka zoom). But more importantly, “You’re on mute” also echoes the challenge many smaller and newer organizations have embedding theirRead more

12.21 Fluff Free News Digest

Fluff-Free Fundraising SERVING YOUR TIME? Saint Peter of Pearly Gates fame met a woman at the applicant’s entrance. Saint Peter looks her up in the yearbook, and says, “You don’t belong here, you belong in hell.” She sighs and turns to go. But then Peter says, “However, I see you’ve spent your career in fundraising. So, we’ll call it time served. Welcome to heaven.” PEOPLE AND POSITIONS WHITE SMOKE FROM THE MCKNIGHT CHIMNEYS! – "The McKnight Foundation is thrilled to announce that TONYA ALLEN will lead the Foundation as president,Read more

Reflections from Steve Paprocki

I lived in the Castro neighborhood in San Francisco during the 1980’s. This was the time when the bathhouses were closing, people were having difficulty getting hotel reservations and rental cars, and anyone with a visible birthmark was considered doomed. Everyday - literally - one of our neighbors, co-workers or relatives died.   There was no way to stop it. No clear pathway to a cure and even if you stopped having sex, you still kissed, hugged, danced and shared food with people who maybe still be indiscriminately sexually active. Read more

Crowdfunding: The New, Old Way to Raise Money

Social media and the Internet have changed the way many organizations raise money. Sure, the tried and true fundraising methods such as holding large gala events and courting major donors are still used and for the most part still work. But as more of our everyday lives move into the digital world, it only makes sense that fundraising would follow suit. One of the most rapidly growing forms of digital fundraising is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is when individuals work collectively or act in a collective manner to pool their money andRead more

Tax Advice For Beating Hearts

As the tax filing deadline looms a little more than one month ahead of us here in the U.S., many people are making plans for their tax refunds. Articles with titles such as "9 Ways To Use A Tax Refund" and "How to Put Your Tax Refund to Good Use" are popping up everywhere from social media sites to daily newspapers and monthly magazines. The advice given in all of these articles is generally tried and true…pay down your debt, invest, buildup an emergency savings account, etc… You've heard thisRead more