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Research provides insight into out-of-school-time programs


The State of Minnesota Department of Education needed a comprehensive survey of funding for out-of-school-time (OST) programs throughout Minnesota. They wanted to know who was funding OST programs in Minnesota, and what types of OST programs existed. The research needed a level of detail that included:

  • Types of funders and funding
  • Types of OST programs
  • The amounts awarded by specific funders


Within three months, Access Philanthropy had created detailed classifications of funding types: capital, infrastructure, general programming and special programming. We also explored types of funders and consistency of funding.

We conducted detailed research on funding sources. We looked at private funders, individual donors, three levels of government funders and user fees for OST activities. Access Philanthropy then created reports and charts on how OST funding works in Minnesota. These types of reports are used extensively for legislative hearings on education funding.


The reports provided the first comprehensive snapshot of the multitude of funding types for OST activities. It also revealed the lack of a dependable funding base for OST programs outside of the Twin Cities Metro Area.

The report produced the first inclusive calculation of how much private and public funding was available for OST activities in Minnesota. It was an amazingly small sum—less than $20 per child/youth per year.