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Alliance creates infrastructure for out-of-school-time programs


An out-of-school-time (OST) alliance of the City of Saint Paul, St. Paul Public Schools, Augsburg College and several community OST organizations wanted to create a permanent collaboration to foster neighborhood OST opportunities. These OST programs would rely on city, school and community resources. While excited about the alliance, its members wondered:

  • How will the collaboration operate?
  • What are the parameters of the collaboration and its programs? 
  • How do we engage foundations and corporations in planning and operations?


Access Philanthropy worked with alliance members to establish an infrastructure, budget, program plan and community outreach effort for the new OST collaboration. We also worked with foundations and corporate donors to determine their level of interest and willingness to invest money and other resources in the collaboration. 


Within eight months, the collaboration progressed from an internal concept to a public entity with an infrastructure, initial funding, several community partners and operating budget. They also received ample support from corporations, foundations, faith-based communities and local nonprofits.