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Buy Local, Eat Local, Give Local

May 20, 2012

So you have started to buy produce from the farmers market, and you choose the coffee shop on your corner versus the Starbucks ten minutes away for your daily caffeine dose, and you have finally worked it into your budget to buy farm fresh, organic, locally raised eggs. Congratulations! You are gracefully making the transition into becoming a true localvore. Now wouldn’t it be great if you could start directing your financial support to some neighborhood initiatives that promote green local living? Well you’re in luck; there just happens to be an ioby coming to a town near you! What is an ioby you ask? “Ioby connects people and money to site-based projects. All of these projects are conceived, designed, and run by neighbors—which ensures community buy-in, long-term caretakers and daily reminders of what’s been achieved”. – Ioby. 2012. MarketSmiths. 05 May. 2012. Founded in 2008 by three graduate students, ioby is a way of bringing environmental and green habits to the streets. The founders, all environmental enthusiasts, recognized that popular “green” initiatives were not necessarily accessible to most people and generally involved promotion of products and buying things to make lifestyles more green. The idea behind ioby was to create an affordable way, through locally based funding, for neighbors to latch on to green living, by working together on improving their community green spaces. So how does it work? There are a few ways to get involved. You can either pick a project that is in your neighborhood and donate directly, or you can pick a project and donate but then also get involved, get your hands dirty and meet your neighbors. Alternatively, if you have a project that you want to start it is easy to get going by setting up an ioby. By signing up and starting a project you will have access to a network of funding resources including the ability to collect tax-deductable donations, get fiscal sponsorship free of charge and find new volunteers and donors. It is about bringing people together who support shared values and causes and raising local money for local projects. So find an ioby near you and continue your localvore lifestyle!