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Let us work for you. We help nonprofit organizations develop unique, actionable, and effective strategies to harness their power and passion for making the world a better place. Whether you need help with something as straightforward as setting and realizing your fundraising goals,  or you want to take your organization to an entirely new level, Access Philanthropy is here to help.
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Access detailed profiles of 3,100+ local, regional, national and international funders.

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50% off a yearlong subscription to a curated list of 60 Mental Health Grantmakers In MN.

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June 2021

- MICRO & SAFETY GRANTS In the old days (pre-Gates), community foundations were often the nonprofit incubators in their neighborhoods, supporting the most creative and sometimes riskiest new things to come along. In the Jim Shannon and Tom Beech days…Continue reading...


June 2021

Philanthropy Daily newsletter and blog are published by American Philanthropic, a conservative-leaning philanthropy research and consulting group. Lots of good content. With support from funders and fundraisers, they’ve put together their favorite Five Silly Grantmaking Mistakes: Missed deadlines Proposals lacking…Continue reading...


June 2021

Restaurants, grocery stores, bodegas, discount stores, and lots of other retail stores are reopening now that most folks have been vaccinated (although vaccination numbers in BIPOC and rural communities are dreadfully below those in White urban communities). In honor of…Continue reading...

About Our Database of Funder Profiles

3100+ funder profiles  |  250 curated funder lists

  • We read the 990s for you and write profiles with the grantseeker in mind.
  • Contact information for program staff
  • Advanced Search – Type of Support. Fields of Interest. Giving and Asset Totals. Geographic Interests. Application Process, including deadlines
  • Funders of all sizes, including 400+ small family foundations.
  • Know the limitations – See funders’ historical giving pattern; if they limit their giving geographically; give exclusively in only one field of interest; award less than $1,000,000 per year
  • Our researcher’s insights
  • Sampling of grantees
  • Application details and deadlines
  • Links to funder websites and social media, 990s, and recent funder publications.
  • Learn what funders are really supporting– Funders don’t always do as they say. We show you grants that funders are awarding in areas outside their expressed interests.

Link to funder profiles

In response to the current public health crises and the calls for an end to systemic racism, we are offering these free and discounted lists:

Half Price: Link

  • MN Plus:1,500 grantmakers who fund in Minnesota $250
  • Small Family Foundations of MN: 374 little gems that give less than $1 million/year $195
  • Discount package: Access to both lists:$400

To Black-Led / Black Empowerment organizations in the Twin Cities: Link

  • We are offering a three-month subscription to the list of their choice, free of charge.